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Make Captura better please Q_Q


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Captura currently needs a lot of work to be worth using in my opinion. Enemies should be able to be spawned and posed how you want, and never move unless you spawn one that can move. Maybe even allow players to use different poses for whatever weapon they are using and slide their frame around during pause instead of having to go through a combo attack and slow the animation to the point they want while hoping you wind up in the spot you wanted.

Now multiplayer captura is just a complete mess. Currently it's just solo captura with spectators, because the other players can't do much of anything. They can't pause for poses when they want, they can't exit the pause when the host pauses it, and you can't type during the pause at all. Players should be able to ONLY pause themself, that way the host can do the pose they want and pause, then the next player can do what they want and pause. Me and my sister tried for like 15 minutes just to sync up the poses we wanted, and it should have taken more like 15 seconds.

I'm sure something with the engine probably makes some/all of this not possible at the moment, but it just seems so useless in it's current form. If they want to do captura contests, they need to put more work into it and make it more user friendly by allowing more customization with player and enemy posing, as well as make the multiplayer captura allow for freezing just yourself/your particles and such. People could come up with some AMAZING stuff solo and together if DE would just add some more too it. I for one would sit there for hours on end just making really neat screenshots, stories, comics and what not if it wasn't such a hassle to make things look even remotely how you wanted.

Please DE, I know you're working on a million things already i'm sure, but some of us love captura and want to be able to do more with it. So please take a look at it and try to do more with it.

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