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[switch] allow any actions on "ability menu"


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Please turn the "ability menu" into a general "alternate-page" of controls that can contain ANY action on ANY button, accessible from ANY single button (hold or toggle).

Obviously the sticks, and the button used to switch to the alternate page will be off limits, but we should be able to bind everything else, including actions which are already bound on the main page.


I have about 250 hrs played on PC, and i got curious about playing on switch. I don't want to play it like a clunky console title..

The concept of a mode switch for the controller is great, but it makes no sense to put abilities, which are used fast and constantly, on another page. I would love to put less used controls on an "alternate mode page" - like the gear wheel, map toggle, specific gear slot binds, camera shoulder flip, chat window, etc.

I also think with an alternate page I could create a unique setup where I would *never* take my hands off the sticks, by mode switching the thumb buttons between ranged and abilities. 


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