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Game Deleted Itself After Purchase


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Here’s the situation. 

I picked up a $50 PSN card today and applied it to my account without issue. I had yet to open Warframe yet but I could see it’s icon in my game folder. I added two things to my cart; Subnautica for $29.99, and the Nova Prime Accessories Pack for $19.99. After confirming the purchase and starting my download for Subnautica, I returned to my home screen and no longer saw Warframe in the folder. I went back to the PS Store and searched Warframe, and began the nearly 40 gb download. I have a second PlayStation so I’m able to confirm I received the pack I purchased, however I felt I should make a post about it to see if there’s any way to prevent this from happening to anyone else. 

Best regards, have a nice weekend. 

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