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Flying on foot in Planes of Eidolon


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So I was using one of those grineer flying machines, and flew smack into one of the superstructures. The flying machine disappeared - with no animation - and I can now walk freely around in the sky (though I'm stuck at the initial height). The turning while walking is slightly clunky, exactly like the turning of the flying machine. Fun bug, though!


I don't think there's a range limit from the site of incursion, either


There's also no friction - I can slide forever without any deceleration. Jumping is unavailable, aiming with a weapon triggers the falling-while-aiming-effect (the particle and audio effects - nothing actually happens) and attempting to use melee permanently (read: until you try to slide) locks frame into the falling-into-melee-slam aoe animation.

Maybe the weirdest part - collision detection is disabled.


I cancelled the effect by using the archwing launcher. This pushed me so far down that the map completely disappeared, and eventually I reappeared back in the location where I first hit the superstructure, totally normal and on the ground again, though my companion was left stuck beneath ground level. Awesome bug.

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