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(PC) United Underdogs Alliance - specifically targeting small clans!


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Greetings Tenno,

We are United Underdogs, an Alliance with the aim to unite small clans, but to keep each Clan’s own personality and hierarchy, goals and ambitions while at the same time fostering a community of players helping eachother and to have fun with.

Do you want to create your own small clan with a few friends, but would you like the advantage of having a broader community of people you get to know better than random players just passing by?

Are you looking for a mature, friendly and helpful group of people while still maintaining every say over your own Clan?

Then United Underdogs is for you!

We are a fledgeling alliance, looking for likeminded small Clans to bolster our numbers, broaden our knowledge of the game and to grow a dependable, fun and relaxed community of people to play with and enjoy all Warframe has to offer.

Contact Yskonyn in game or here on the forums.

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