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Panthera Alt-Fire Delayed Damage


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The Panthera's one of my favorite guns, but the secondary fire has a noticeably sluggish feeling to it. After the secondary fire sawblade has fully extended, it seems to make contact with targets (including blood splatters), but will often not do damage for around half a second. This seems to only happen on some targets, often when hitting them for the first time. Putting Rate of Fire mods seems to partially fix the problem, but having to mod a specific way or else your gun simply doesn't do initial damage is clunky and frustrating- but it might be caused due the the secondary fire having a ROF of 2.00 base rather then most beam weapon's 12.00 base, and closing that gap seems to fix it.

I recorded using the Panthera in the Simulcrum, including using the Spectra first to demonstrate another beam weapon's lack of delay, and then how the Panthera's secondary fire seems to occasionally have a delay before doing damage (and hitting other enemies where it seems to immediatly do damage). The delay's clearest on the first target hit.


This gun's been one of my favorites for a long time, even before the Beam weapon's rework! This particular issue- and having to mod to fix it- seems unintended, and it'd be really nice to be able to use such a creative gun to full effect without having to mod for one specific stat to compensate for this.

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