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Excalibur / Exalted blade/ chromatic blade bug/ other mods bug


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  When I use chromatic blade mod for Excalibur before, his Exalted blade skill has more potential with it installed because it was doing  what a normal exalted blade would do the slash and impact and puncture proc plus an element effect with the color of my energy.

  When chromatic blade first came out during kuva I think, and now Exalted blade is not even exalted blade no more when I use [chromatic blade]  because a normal exalted blade has high slash and low puncture and impact, I think chromatic blade is bugged I sometimes see only magnetic when I had only Ice mods in it or all ice with white energy color when I was in cetus  then it went to normal after hotfix I guess. but idk I just think that "exalted blade" is a bug when adding a "chromatic blade" mod  its just not an exalted blade no more and does not do what exalted blade would do without chromatic blade installed. because before I remember that exalted blade was doing slash procs with the chromatic blade installed and sometimes [coation drift] mod was bugged and did not show stats changed in arsenal when I was using "sprint boost" aura the movement speed was not moving any higher than 1.45 and probably coaction drift says plus15% aura effectiveness and plus15% aura strength so I think coaction drift mod is bugged too.

  But overall I been here since archwing quest maybe probably hromatic blade is naturally weak how it is now  and never made exalted blade have higher potential or exalted blade is naturally weaker than a riven melee weapon too because my melee weapon does more than my exalted blade but reach is shorter and or probably coaction drift is not showing in stats in arsenal but does action when on mission? well if you can it seems like exalted blade and Valkyr talons and garuda talons can use a riven for those and a fair riven for the frame too would be nice for more higher potential on those base stats and great game thanks for reading.

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There is a bug with the Turloc name it says Tralok in fishing .

  And I forgot to tell support that there is a bug that exalted blade is not affected by his melee weapon and that's why with chromatic blade I had slash stats with element That's the truth and I think it is bug that its not working now with my melee weapon. And now Exalted blade is not exalted blade no more even though it uses its own mods and increases in warframe power strength mods but now it has lower potential now with out any slash stats from any melee equipped because melee can have a riven mod with high damage  and chromatic blade is suppose to give exalted blade even more support but now it is useless /exalted blade is not an exalted blade no more its useless now or off potential. 

  I was here since archwing quest before chromatic blade came out, and when this happened I feel it is not fair and hope they don't do anything more to Excalibur or any other characters in different games I feel I been picked on with this and I hate thief's and I feel like exalted blade got stolen and I wish to bring it back and what I feel is that is as far as it goes I hope exalted blade returns to normal with a bug fix exalted blade is affected by any melee equipped and there is a bug that I can't put any lens on Excalibur's exalted blade I remember it had lens on the exalted blade too.And I think that it is bugged that the true Exalted Blade is not affected by Excalibur melee weapon. Because Exalted blade damage was going up for whatever weapon melee mods and warframe mods and now there are melee riven mods and exalted blade is suppose to have higher potential with having a melee weapon equipped .I'm asking for support to fix the bug : Exalted blade has no effect "for any" "melee equipped weapon base stats", with "melee mods" now. It is not exalted blade no more or only Exalted blade's own melee mods and warframe power strength mods work and is there a riven for exalted blade now?

Some persons say and they was like in region chat exalted blade never had been affected by whatever melee equipped and exalted blade used to scale off melee mods , go read wiki it has its own mods only now and exalted blade doesn't need a riven or it doesn't have one. Trying to make me think that its the truth but it was a lie?  Well some of it is just current.

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