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[Controls] Gyro Aiming Suggestions


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So I'm running into a bit of a problem with gyro aiming in this game. Normally with gyro aiming, the way I aim to the left or right is to tilt the controller. This feels natural and works well. However with the joycons off the tablet, this does not work. I can only aim left or right with the sort of motion like you're steering in Mario Kart, which would make sense in tablet mode(where you want to keep the screen facing you), but not when the joycons are attached to the little controller mount. Now in tablet mode, you can do both the steering mode and tilting like I'm used to, which is extremely confusing sometimes.

Due to this issue, I'd like to suggest some basic QoL improvements for gyro aiming. Basically, just let people choose whether they're going to steer or tilt, with separate selections for separate joycons and joycons attached to the tablet. This will allow users to select the style of aiming most comfortable for them in a given situation, remove the multiple input types in tablet mode, and make it easier for those of us who can't justify the money for a pro controller to aim quickly and precisely, regardless of what configuration the system is currently in.

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