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Bug that requires a game restart after new Phase 1 bounty


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After completing the defend the communications portion of the new Phase 1 bounty, a Solaris United bounty giver appears in the area where you completed that part.  I was hoping that if you talked to him after completing the entire bounty, you could start up another one without returning to Fortuna and going through all the dialog... I was woefully mistaken!

If you go back and talk to him after completing the bounty, he opens up a completely blank bounty window that you cannot escape out of.  No keys work to close it and even if you die it stays open.  What's worse, after you die completely and abort back out of the Orb Vallis, your client is broken and when you try to look in your arsenal or on any bounty givers, the options are completely blank.

The only way I got it to clear up was by closing out of the client and relaunching.



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