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Onslaught: Operator passed through conduit, Warframe did not


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I was in round 6 of normal mode onslaught.  I was in my operator shooting things to level my amp.  When the conduit opened up I ended up passing through the conduit.  My warframe appeared to be there, but I didn't go back into it.  I shot some stuff, then "died" in my operator.  The screen took on the relative perspective of the map from where I had died, and I could see things moving, but the conduit timer stopped updating. I could not hit 5 to return to my warframe and the keyboard was unresponsive.  (I didn't try hitting esc, I don't think).  After the conduit timed out I got the normal white screen, but I didn't get ANY of the awards from the prior levels.  Moreover, the rewards screen, including the wearpons/warframe portion was "blank".  I went to review the "last mission results" and it showed a bunch of levels "gained" on a warframe, primary, etc, which were already Maxed.

Sorry, didn't get any screenshots.

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