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Valkyr + Archgun = Literally broken


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So here's what I did; I used the deployed to get my Archgun out, I couldn't put it away and when I eventually ran out of ammo I tried to switch to another weapon, eventually trying Hysteria. Than I was hit by a Nullification bubble. results; Permanent Hysteria invincibility, Unable to use other frame abilities, unable to switch to operator(ability in use message displays), frame is shown holding primary weapon but I can't shoot it or switch to another weapon(also the weapon's name doesn't show on the HUD), Hysteria doesn't turn off even after energy hits 0.





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Yup, I've had the same problem, and with other exalted wielding frames as well. The Archgun is already unwieldy, it locks you into a crappy animation; but with the Valkyr, if you attempt hysteria it goes completely bonkers, as if it queues you into changing weapons, leaving you completely stuck.

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