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Need help with stream prizes



Hello viewer(s):
     Earlier this week (Tuesday, 12/18/18), I won a 400 platinum stream prize. The problem is that I didn't notice I did win till eight hours after the fact when someone I knew messaged me about it. So, my question is how do I claim a stream prize after the stream has concluded, or can I redeem it in the first place even though the stream is over. 
     I have done some research before making this post, and this is what I know. According to a forum post, "please message [DE]Helen on the Warframe Forums... That way, your claim can be checked against our prize records" ([DE]Aidan, Step 3). So the solution is simple. I message the administrator regarding my situation. However, this step only refers to those who have not received a prize after 24 hours from whispering Warframe during the stream. I never whispered though, or at least not till several hours later. So, maybe I cannot redeem it? 
     Regardless of the outcome, I am looking forward to any responses this post may get. Thank you and have a great day. 
: )


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Aidan. “HOW TO: Claim Stream Prizes!” Warframe Forums, 4 Apr. 2018,



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