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Item Pickups In The Hud


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Hey. I've been thinking recently. The pickup text at the bottom of the screen is totally ticking me off. When walking over a hoard of pickups, you sometimes end up standing around for a huge amount of time while waiting for what was in that one resource packet you picked up to turn up in the 1-item-at-a-time feed. It just seems ridiculous to me. Heres what I was thinking: Some of you have probably played the game Battlefield 3. When ever you encounter multiple sources of points, the game pops them all up in a little feed so you can check what you did instantly, rather then popping up each source for 5 seconds each. Heres an image of what I mean. Note the blue text in the bottom middle part of the screen. 




So instead of showing each individual credit/resource/ammo pickup for five seconds at a time, display multiple of them stacked on top of each other so players don't have to actively avoid new pickups inorder to figure out what they picked up. Cheers.

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I think this is a great idea, but one thing though. Wouldn't it be too distracting for a game where there are a lot of enemy's coming at you at once, rather than battlefield where ( in small/ mid-sized server) there are 2 or 3 enemy's coming at you.

It's more distracting staying in one place, not picking up anything, paying attention to the pickups to see what you got.

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