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Keyboard Bug (Keys Not Recognized)


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i've found a nasty bug, which can sometimes be really annoying.


So I've been playing and everything works (Win 7 x64 & Logitech G19).

This happens at my friends game, too (Win 7 x86 with Razer Lacosa Keyboard).


Sometimes if i use standard motions like:

sprint and slide and then jump (for the front jumping salto) and shoot while in midair


then one key isn't recognized anymore (sometimes i cannot jump anymore, the space key or i cannot use my melee weapon).


I've managed to solve this bug with a workaround. I just tab the motion again or when i push every key once or twice after one another it works again.


It's not always a key inside this motion.


Also another bug or glitch is, that its very hard to write in the chat ingame.

I press T and the chat window opens, but i cannot write instantly in it. I often have to click on the Chatwindow 2-3 times until i can write something.



sorry for my bad grammar a.s.o.


so far


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