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Streamer Mode and Leaderboard Privacy


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Hello Warframe community,

I seek to have my separate account's leaderboard statistics hidden in a manner similar to Epic's Leaderboard privacy in their battle-royale title, as well as other optionally-competitive titles today. (a "streamer" mode would be incredible, as well)

I personally feel as though players of Warframe who possess no interest in competing with other players and would prefer that other players did not compare themselves to said players should have the option to privatize their leaderboard statistics to public parties.

I have provided a photograph of the privatizing feature below.

Regardless of the cumulative opinions of the above matter from Digital Extremes' staff members and the Warframe community, I hope most players attempt to envision my request from a streamer's and/or personal player's perspective.

Thank you all for your time,



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