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High CPU Usage after 24.2.6 Hotfix


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so i run I7 4790k and 16GB ram and Nvidia 970, been running the game at max 60fps locked no problems, the game is still running no problem but is now using 80% cpu and i hear my pc is hotter n louder, even a 100% spike at game load.

just wondering why i have almost 35% more cpu usage after the update? im gonna change the game resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 2560 x 1440 to possibly take some load off my cpu 

Has anyone else noticed this? 

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Yes, with same configuration as you got, the only difference is I got x2 970 in SLI configuration.

I also notices performances drop recently. My 144 locked FPS sometime drop to 70, CPU usage can rise for no reason (at least nothing i can see) you can run in orb vallis with 144 maxed FPS, as you can play in hydron and all out of sudden everything is pushing my rig hard and decreasing a lot performances.

It randomly appear and can disapear as fast as it came...

Memory leak? some effects issue?

Never had this issue in 1000h+ playing. For me it appeared after orb fight release (fortuna 2.0)

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