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Open world performance


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Hi guys, lets be straight about this.

All we know that the open world maps are hard to play, specially for these like me, kinda low spec.
I have an idea that might solve a part of the problem for us. It's a config to set the rendering distance. Since PoE was first, will take it as reference.
PoE has been trough many optimizations, now I can play smoothly, but I want you to note the distance that you can see. From the center you can almost see the boundaries, thats good, since these are ''plains'' our integrated graphics shouldn't have issues drawing it. The problem come up when you have such complicated shapes like orbe vallis ones to be drawn as far as 1.2km, I mean, it dont need to go that far, for me, 500m is enough to be comfortable with(at least when landed, flying, other history). But we know, Eidolons can get far, so we need to see it, what about letting us to set the render distance?

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