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Interception point take-over is nearly invisible


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For TL;DR read bold points.

So it took me a long time to figure out how Interception worked on my own and with friends, in particular, how points get taken over - you take over points by captuing (standing) on them and it is implied enemies do the same. Instead enemies hit a button, and and a warning siren goes off, fair enough.

The issue is that even if you hear the siren it's hard to tell at a glance which point needs defending. In the top left next to the mini-map A/B/C/D will flash from blue to white or black or something, but it nearly impossible to notice unless you're looking at it. It should be more visually striking when an enemy is trying to capture a point.This is a UI issue for both new and veteran players.

Possible solution 1: Make it flash red instead of white/black to add colour contrast

Possible solution 2: Make the icons bigger or have them change shape in addition to adding colour contrast. For example, the enemy alert beacons on Fortuna have 4 white diamonds that turn into red sigils and it is very clear when beacons have been placed.

Possible solution 3: Add way points towards points that are about to be captured.

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