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Bursa Specter


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So, I was farming for Tempo Royale, which has this absolute sinister drop rate of .06% from isolator bursa, compounded by the fact if you get a bursa there's like a 1/3rd chance of an isolator spawning.

So I was like: Hmmm. I have a better chance of owning a yatch named Medic Bag before I get tempo royale.

Then I had this brilliant idea of farming bursas on Oceanum, that Pluto spai mission where you sap all the data vaults like a certain smoking frenchman, driving the corpus engineers nuts.

So I loaded up the old sandy boi, grabbed my martian death ray arca plasmor, completed the first vault with no alarms or anything, and then initiated my amazing plan:

Run up to a corpus dude.

Go "Sup 'bros, hows it SANDing? Like my pun?"

And they where like "No u this data is nef's voidnet history, u can't have it."

And I'm like "I don't want nef's voidnet history." But before I could finish my sentence the crewman ran off shouting "No u! No u!" and of course he...

Triggered the alarms.


I heard the cries of absolute rage from the Bursa spawning god as I unleashed vaporizing globs of plasma on the corpus that swarmed the room...

And then no bursas spawned for like, ten minutes.

So I ran oceanum for about forty minutes or so and in that time I got about four or five bursas spawning, with no drops, at all. One was an isolator.

And I was like: Well, I seriously have a better chance of owning a yacht named medic bag than getting tempo royale.

And then I got this amazing idea of letting the bursas live. In the idea that maybe they'd spawn faster. And...it worked. Like, once. Two drover bursas going ham on me as I ran my sandy boi around the room killing everything BUT the bursas. But I still clipped one.

So, I was aiming at a crowd of techs with their little shieldbros, that's when I clipped one of the bursas, and he got rad proc'd.

And he went absolute HAM on his corpus masters. Utter, complete, HAM. Explosions everywhere, stomping everywhere, it was amaaaazing. Then the proc ended and he turned on me again. So I proced him. Again.

And I'm like "Holy mother of Hek." as that bursa just cleared the room. Then the two drovers went ham on EACH OTHER and it was just amazing and awesome and explosions everywhere.

Then I had to look away for a second as this little ratel was noming on my ankle and I had to give him a death ray "no u".

And when I turned back they where STILLLL going at it, face tanking each other, bear hugging like a yaoi hate fic, and it was utterly glorious, and it went on for like 20 minutes until my last proc on them actually killed em.

And I run over, hack em for the better mod drop chance and I get of course, nothing.

And I decide "Well I'm bored."

So I go over, turn off all the alarms, drop into operator mode, sneek away and then hit the last two vaults and go "hot damn nef's voidnet history is dis-gus-ting!"

And then I was chillaxin like a baller - wait, no, wrong story, that's the hotel massacre one. I was chillaxin with my Kavat, petting her, scratching her belly, and I got thinking.
How neat would it be if I had a bursa SPECTER to unleash the same level of ham upon my enemies? I mean, I could just maximize Nyx's mind control and drop in her 500% damage augment, but then I have to FIND a bursa first.

So long story short, I want a bursa specter, Isolator is neat with his stunlocking and amprex shotgun that I wish was an actual tenno gun but I'll ask for that latter, but what I really want is a drover bursa specter. He just looks at a room and goes "no u" and nukes the room and he's got the two shields to serously up the ante on the survivability + alloy armor. Its great.

So...can I plz haz drover bursa companion/specter? 😁

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