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New warframe: paladin


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Description: golden armor with a blank face and wings like an angel. A frame build by a religious monastery to protect the innocent

passive: takes less damage the lower health he is at

first ability: divine light 

paladin unfurls his wings and lets loose a flash of light that blinds enemies nearby for a duration based on his current health

second ability: vengeful strike

the first press of the ability activates it, and begins to store damage taken while active. Pressing again will cause him to to swing a holy hammer dealing damage based on the damage he takes while activated

third ability: rejuvenating shield

paladin puts his wings in front of him and creates a shield directed by the camera that drains energy per second. Damage blocked by this shield heals him and allies. Can be activated during his second ability.

fourth ability: retribution 

paladin takes out a holy hammer that drains energy per second. He also gains the ability to fly. While on the ground he does powerful melee attacks that heal him and allies when they hit. When he is flying, the hammer shoots out a massive laser beam that does large amounts of radiation damage but also drains his health. Activating this ability during his second ability spends the stored up damage to give a damage boost to the hammer.

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