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Range Units Stop Shooting Bug - Ogris


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note - this is a copy paste from the hotfix 9.8.5 thread, if it is redundant, please delete one here or on the hotfix thread.

ok gonna start from the beginning:


after some testing, i have come to a conclusion that AI is having some major issues when confronted with ogris.


symptoms : all range units, after receiving damage from ogris, stop shooting, and start shooting after some time (occurred in the void, t2 extermination).


WF: Trinity, but i think this is not relevant (was soloing).


Weapon: Ogris.


Details: Heavy gunner stops shooting, and his reboot takes around 30 sec. It can be shortened if you enter his aoe ability range. The unit can move and follows your movement, but does not shoot for that period of time.


Crewmen (blocky head, corpus units with shotguns): stop shooting for a period of 5-10 sec.


Didn't test other units but noticed that melee (ancients) were not affected by this. Moas did release their flying turrets, but i didnt check the laser shooting stuff (kinda hard with ogris, not to blow yourself up and not to blow up moas while they are shooting at you :)). And the other "humanoid" units were hard to test, because they died easily.


My thoughts: As i only saw this happening with Ogris, my conclusion would be that screenshake bugs the aiming process of ranged units. Heavy gunner has a non-stop shooting loop function, that has a long reset time. Thats why the it is easy to notice. Other ranged units (in the void) do not have that long shooting loops and thats why its easy to miss it, and/or die to quickly to be noticed.
Its kinda weird to dance in front of 3 heavy gunners while they are following your moves with their guns, but not shooting :)


Possible cause: i would place my bet (even thou i hate gamble), on the screenshake effect from Ogris. The effect probably messes the ranged units coordinates of the player for a second, but enough for to bug out.
The original cause would be:  or the long shooting loop of the AI, or the lack of ability of the weapon to start shooting immediately (or 1-2 sec pause) after the gun stops shooting causing the AI to bug out.


Possible solutions:

a) every shot of Ogris reboots the AI (for the targets that took damage and survived) and resets the state of the weapons

b) make the ranged units ignore the Ogris shakescreen effect - kinda a nerf on the weapon, but thats only if the targets survive

c) change the Ogris effect to stagger (only on enemies) - would do almost the same as a) but is simpler to implement, and makes sense (huge explosions do tend to stun or stagger enemies caught in the blast). Kinda a buff on the weapon.

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