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idea for new quest


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i bet they get a lot of fan ideas for new quest series for warframe so i figure id toss in my guilds own idea.

Ghosts of mastery's past... all those frames you tossed out and such after fully leveling and such to make room have come back eather taken over by void energy, infested, or sentients. and want to show there grievance on just being tossed away for many reasons. be it to make space, just didn't like them or fully leveled them so no more use.

the frames have shown in second dream that there's something within the frames. be it intelligent or lingering will or something else. so why cant the ones come back for being tossed.. i imagine on the levels there would be a frame you would need to beat to finish the mishion and that would be one of the old frames the person tossed out and would be at the level you did. so if you tossed out a lvl 30 mirage frame. be ready to fight a lvl 30 frame of mirage mabey in one of the quests. if in a 4 man group it be 4 frames 1 from each of the players that invade and are the boss's of the match.

can even make a thing for after the quest is done were you could have maybe a random invade on missions or make a arena were you can re fight one after another tell you drop getting a high score of how many you have taken down in a row and maybe well give rise to another try with a frame that actually beat you up in the match that you once thought was weak.

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