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Connections and hosts in multiplayer


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First off, if this needs to be posted somewhere else let me know. I'm new to the forums so I'm not sure where everything is.

Now, to the problem. From my understanding Warframe is a peer-to-peer game and as such one player is deemed the host. As such, your quality of the mission is dependent on their ability to host. Recently (the last few days) I have noticed that more of the hosts I get seem unsuitable for hosting. As in, I can't open doors or I'm not updated on enemy positions so I'm in conflict whilst in interception and can't see or hit anything (but I'm getting hit by enemies I can't see, this is the most extreme example I have had and what has caused me to post). I can't capture points because they're conflicted but I can't do anything about it because of the host. At that point the game is unplayable so I have no choice but to abort the mission or fail if the host is not able to complete the mission solo. That part is least important because this problem just makes the game not fun. Even if the host can do everything, what's the point unless you can play as well?

I understand that there is a ping limiter for connections so what causes this kind of problem? If it has to do with connection stability and the host having under the ping requirement at the moment of connecting, could an average ping not be taken into account? Is there a way to force host migration, or vote for it? This has recently become more of an issue as I said above so I'm not sure whether an update has caused it to be more prevalent. Until it gets fixed it is beginning to feel like I either have to play with premade friends or roll a dice as to whether I'm going to play the game or not.

(Just in case anyone says it is my connection or settings, I never have problems with premades and can play the game with them as if I was playing a solo mission, so no problems there. I have the region set correctly and the ping limit is set to 300. 0.3 seconds max delay yet I'm in front of a door for 6 seconds waiting for it to open or for an enemy health bar to update with my damage)

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