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Would be nice, especially for getting in touch with clan members.

 See, that's the EXACT same reason I would want an inbox system. Most of my clan-mates have Skype, however there are some members that just refuse to make one. So it's hard to let them know whenever an alert is up that drops something they desire. With that being said, it would also be cool if they made it so you could sign into Warframe.com with a mobile app and have real-time notifications while you're out in about. So say my buddy is on lunch break at work and I see an alert he may want? I can message him and he has the chance to hop on quickly and grab it.

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My friend's list is comprised of people that don't quite play as often as I do. My question is simple.

When will we (if ever) get an "inbox" system so I can send my offline friends messages?


Well I make it known in my clan that I'm active on the forums and that I can be PM'ed at any time here, which is fine as a one-way type deal but other than that it'd be nice to have some kind of in-game mailbox 

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