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Baruuk's "airbending problems"


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Hey iv'e encountered bug or two while enjoying baruuk for a little while, and i was surprised they weren't fixed in last hotfix, so i'm not sure how aware people are of these things.

And so, i made a potato video of these issues cause i think it's easier to show them rather than write them. Also few simple ideas on how to improve him a little towards more enjoyable experience.


1-Baruuk's 4 has a problem hitting airborne or grounded enemies, which can significantly lessen his damage output since it can waste lot of potential damage, not sure if intentional (i hope not cause excal can do said thing), He also can't hit enemies affected by nezha's divine spears. which is a damn shame since it would be nice to do some combo like spin attack in air into vaccuum ground slam to gather enemies to one place and then smack them while they are CC:ed

2-Marudai passives do nothing to his 4's energy waves but seems to affect his "contact" attacks like slide attack (attacks that have physical contact), not sure either cause its hard to see.

3-His 4's animations are bit on the slow side, and i don't mention this on the video- but mods like natural talent or weapon swap mods don't help it enough in my opinion to warrant using them either, which leads to lot unfortunate problems in arbitration for example, where it takes about 3-4 seconds to get out of his 4, only to find that a drone you were wanting to kill is already dead, and you have to get back into his 4, which wastes restraint and takes time, and soon your having to do all that all over again. It's a pain, and i think simply making his 4's exit animation at least twice as fast would really help make him more viable and enjoyable.


I hope this is of use, happy new years everyone!

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