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Fishing with Ivara's zipline is a buggy mess and has been since Cetus


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"When fishing with Ivara's zipline in the planes of eidolon there are a few bugs.
When you're on a zipline you can't acess the Q menu to either equip a spear or equip bait to throw.
When you're near a zipline or on a zipline and try to throw bait your warframe freezes up and refuses to respond to all commands for a time (approximately a bit longer than the throw animation.)
When you're on a zipline and aim sometimes your frame does the throwing animation continuously over and over again, meaning that when you try to throw your spear it doesn't throw untill the animation finnishes, It still scares the fish when you click even when it hasn't thrown yet, meaning you have to track the fish untill your frame decides to throw the spear, meaning a lot of missed throws. Sometimes the animation glitch happens when you're not aiming as well I've found."

I posted a similar post about this eons ago and I didn't get any notification that the devs had even seen the post dispite me nekrosing it twice. PLEASE see this.

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