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Stuck in weird iddle animation during mission.


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Hello, the title says it all, it's a weird animation glitch that makes it impossible to do anything once it happens, not even move, the only way to seemingly snap out of it is to get staggered, pause/unpause or use melee but that one makes it even worse because then, you get stuck in another melee animation and can't do anything but walk in the direction your frame is facing.

I couldn't really find any specific cause for it but basically I was playing as [Mesa-Simulor-Mar Detron-Magistar-carrier], i'm tempted to say it has something to do with the Simulor since it never happened before I equipped it, i'm also suspecting movement impairements to be partly at cause here since it seemed to happen after I walked through the tar-mutalist moa's puddles.

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Happened again, same equipment and mission but this time it was much worse, basically I fell down the map and got respawned as usual, but this time I was stuck in the exact same weird iddle thing as before but able to move (and move only), the frame never switched animations despite me crouching or wall jumping and I couldn't snap out of it by pausing/unpausing this time around, also I was missing my left arm for some reason.


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