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Conservation upgrade


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Conservation is quite a new thing for Warframe. Fishing was introduced in Plains of Eidolon update, while hunting is the Orb Vallis new features. And yet, it doesn't seem as important as fishing. Just saying, we have one tranq. rifle against multiple fishing spears, and also with the rewarded Tags we can just buy plushies or an Emblem...


I propose to expand it to give it more meaning then just a way to quick(arguable) raises standing. A good way would be introduce more Upgraded and specialized Tranq. rifles which could be bough from The Business for 5.000 standing at rank of Doer. My though are:

1) Big game Tranq. rifle = Tranq. rifle specialized for big game animals such as kubrodon and horrrasques in one hit and Stovers in two, but would reduce the ranking of all other animals if used against them.

2) Hushed Tranq. rifle = Silenced tranq. rifle to subdue multiple critters without allarming them or the Corpus patrols nearby.


Also, I would propose to expand the goods we can buy with Tags, such as special Mods for Kubrows and Kavats, aestetic colours and special fur patterns for them.

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