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Remove 1-trick cap for enjoyment runs.


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 I really enjoy playing with the K-Drive, however the core of chaining tricks is deeply ruined by multiple caps. The daily cap is fine, as it's there for allowing replayability/burnout prevention, etc. However I feel it ruins the experience when instead of trying out new k-drive spots, I find myself grinding on the same pipe again and again, because I know 3k is my limit per chain and that's the most solid way of getting 3k without going over excessively. In videogames, I feel it's important to have multiple ways of approaching a situation, much like Mario 64, people go nuts in a game with open possibilities. If you're afraid of glitched high-scores, then by all means here are few solutions:

1: Leave the cap on races, because I just want to see how high I can make the number go in a single run. 

2: Add quick landings for successive trick chains and keep the cap, and or allow for the "grab side of the board" move to act as a "trick-chain finished" considering that it doesn't really give any points/multipliers. I think this is the way to go because I can invision someone cheating the system by going back and forth acrossed a really easy pipe. But tbh, the rep only counts towards K-drive parts and mods, which are just for more k-drive riding. So at the end of the day, did they really win if they're not enjoying it?

In conclusion, I want to go nuts on this Hoverboard, it reminds me of Tony Hawk Underground and Jak 2-3, but I feel restricted, right now the only way to pump a number extremely high is by watching the multiplier. (The highest I've gotten is x65 so far :) ) Thank you.

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