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4 Negatif Reputation Syndicate



Hello Tennos,

I am MR 18 and still confuse how to eliminate the negatif reputation (Arbiter of Hexis = -44k, Cephalon Suda = -44k, The Perrin Sequance = -44k and New Loka = -44k) while I reach 2 max rep in Red Veil (Exalted) and Steel Meridian (General) ?.  

Is that no hope to gain positif Rep in Arbiter of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, The Perrin Sequance and New Loka ?

Help me please. 

Thank you.

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There IS always the opportunity to try and get good standing with at least ONE of those syndicates without sacrificing your standing in the others (to a point). However this will take a long time since you've hit rock bottom. My recommendation is to go with 3 syndicates total; Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda OR Red Veil, Perrin Sequence and New Loka. To have all 6 at max is incredibly hard and just isn't worth it.

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In my personal opinion, the easiest way is to choose either the left 3 syndicates, or the right three syndicates. You can however have positive rep with 4 of them, but you'll always be negative with 2 of them (unless you play some ridiculous balancing game maybe, not sure, seems like way too much effort to even try).

Anyway, a while ago, someone gave a great reply to a similar thread like this one. I have forgotten who posted this, so if you're out there thank you, but here's the post (because I saved the text but not who posted it ><)


You can easily have positive Standing in 4 Syndicates at once:

1) Steel / Suda / Hexis / Veil
Only run Steel / Suda missions, have a Steel Sigil equipped
(well, also equip a Suda Sigil until you are Rank 1 with them, heh).

Suda won't interfere with Steel and gives you +50% Hexis,
the -50% Veil is made up by the +50% Veil from Steel
and the Steel Sigil (no negative for Suda / Hexis) finally gets Veil into positive.

2) Veil / Loka / Perrin / Steel
Only run Veil / Loka missions, have a Veil Sigil equipped.

Works pretty much like the previous.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Suda's unique Large Team Shield Restore
(no big deal IMO, plus you can switch Syndicates to eventually get everything).

3) Perrin / Hexis / Loka / Suda
Only run Perrin / Hexis missions, alternate between Perrin / Hexis Sigils.

Perrin / Hexis are opposed but you still get a total of +50% for each
and they don't interfere with Loka / Suda so it's +50% each there, as well.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Veil's unique Large Team Ammo Restore
(maybe somewhat of a big deal, dunno).


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