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Launcher White Screen of Death



So I'm not sleeping, get up at 1:50am and startup WarFrame and the launcher sits with a white window.  Click on window and get "The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.  Do you want to end this process?", so I End Process and try again with same results.

Restart computer, wait an additional minute for everything to be perfectly loaded and try again, same thing End Process, try again and get a coffee...come back, still have to End Process. Startup Steam and try steam copy with same End Process result.

Try using the warframe exe file and it says I have to use Launcher.  Look around for a repair tool, none, look for an option in steam under warframe properties, none, run as Administrator, same End Process.  Guess I am uninstalling in the morning and redownloading...



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