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(XB1)O Cheeky 1

FPS issues. Graphic buzz, dashboarded.

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Since Fortuna update experiencing high FPS stuttering when theres alot happening in game with abilities etc.

Separately from FPS issue experiencing Graphic failure buzz, freeze and then dashboarded. It is not the console and not alone in experiencing this. 

Dashboarding when in Vallis. Solo, public, bounties, or just wandering about. Seems completely random. 

Can't shoot through Gara's wall with Arca Plasmor and Amp.

Zenisters disk STILL undeployable. Seems to right itself if switch to operator and back but fails to deploy on next attempt. Stance, frame, mission Change, same result. It's been easily a year, please fix!

Lot of buggy loading into missions if matchmaking can't find a squad where I  can't quit or force start and sometimes having to dashboard as UI is unresponsive.

Zooming in and out on starmap 'sticks' to the analogue sticks. Have to fast travel using d pad to navigate arsenal or elsewhere to exit navigation. Also, unnecessary and pointless feature although appreciate the design effort gone into it.

More a suggestion but can't you get rid of mission vote cancel option? Just a button 'ready ' that can be unselected if not ready would be so much easier than squad disbanding instead of halting mission timer.

Loving new content and the work gone into. Please, please, please address old and ongoing bugs! Im sure I speak for many when i say im happy to wait for new content for you to do so 🙂


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