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Bo Bug?


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Hi! I watched the Bo video, and I was thinking that it would suite me well. I started to read the wiki about it, but this weapon doesn't seems to work very well. It only staggers light units, and not even all of them, and it's cherged attack doesn't knocks back. It's just steggers... And I foolishly put and orokin catalyst in it before I tried it out, Because I tought it would work well. Does anyone have the same problem?

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Well, think about it, if you can stagger something like an almost "50" tall Prorid, then that tiny stick would be so OP beyond imagination.


And with the big radius of attack that the Bo wield, its too unfair for the infested to not even touch you if you can knock back with charged attack.


In my opinion, i think that Bo is only intended to be classic staff fight weapon.


If you want something with more kick, get Amphis, its basically an upgraded version of Bo.

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