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Improving The Dojo's Elevators


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In order to be more efficient with dojo construction, we need elevators that can go between more than 2 floors.  The problem is finding a system that can work with the current dojo setup.


Here is my suggestion: implement a menu in the elevator panels, similar to the ones in the other dojo rooms that can display messages.  However, instead of displaying a message upon activation, make it so that opening this menu shows the player a list of all the floors in the dojo.


Seeing how conventional elevator have labels on their buttons, you could make it so that the floor with the clan hall is marked as "1" in the menu, because every dojo must start off with a basic clan hall.  Floors that are built above "floor 1" can be marked as "2", "3", and so on, while floors built below "floor 1" can be marked as "B1", "B2", and so on ("B" shall stand for "basement").  Also, it would be handy to have one side of the menu display the map for that floor, so that players who are familiar with the layout of a certain floor can recognize it by sight.


Also, I would suggest having 2 doors for each floor the elevator stops on, so that players can go in either direction and take advantage of being able to place an elevator in the middle of a floor.


I hope DE will take this into consideration, as I believe using this system would greatly improve the dojo construction experience for players.


- Sully The Stalker

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