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We Really Need A Report Play Function In This Game


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Also check this:

Now let's agree to disagree, if that's your peeve.

Peeve? I was explaining an intrinsic flaw in giving a random player absolute power over everyone else.


It creates more problems than it solves.

Host doesn't like rushers = kick.

Host doesn't want to wait for a slow players to extract= kick.

Host doesn't like you "kill stealing" = kick.

Host doesn't like the effect of certain abilities (i.e. speed) = kick.

Host feels you should be marking every single resource and mod and you don't = kick. 


The list goes on. Anything that you see people complaining about can and will result in arbitrary kicks when the system is unrestrained. 

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vote to kick may or may not lead to misunderstanding, abuse and difficulties that are not really needed.


Personal Blacklist system would allow you to decide AFTER match, do you want to run with certain player or not.

if someone really annoy you, or troll the hell outa ya, just add him to blacklist and done, this one will not be in same mission with you anymore.


Then, only way to abuse blacklist system would be adding to much players to it, which would affect...well only you. cos then only you could have difficulty finding players to grp...


we have huge player base... if you exclude these 15 -100-150... is that really much when you compare it to 3m+ playerbase?

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