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Future ? :o


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So well, i am just curious
If theres gonna be some sort of Quest's, Side Quest's or/and Story Quest's.. ?
This game is really good but well.. youre doing something Over and over again, just to get materials (blueprints, RUBEDO<-) To make something.. ( and you have to wait even more... but i can deal with it. )
if DE add some Quest's (for a little reward, most likely slots, they cost really too much TBH, or even materials itself)
you would have the waiting shorter.. atleast you will have something to do.. now YOU actually choose a Path (BUILD UP THIS SH*T) do it and then select another on you own..
I Really hope i am not wrong when i think DE will Change this game.. cuz it will be shame to let this game with awesome gameplay just fall down cuz of Repetitivnes (?)

Z3R0cz, Thank you for your Anwsers

Sorry for my english ;) not my main language

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