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Missing Items After Mission


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Just finished the Ganymede rescue mission on Jupiter, the reward was an Orokin Catalyst, only I didn't get the blueprint.


This is really starting to bother me, as this has happened multiple times before with the Void, I missed out on a Braton Prime Receiver once because of it.  Don't tell me to relog or wait, it doesn't show up.  In my experience, if I don't get the item/part/BP right after the mission, it doesn't show up for me.  Ever.


If this could be fixed and I could be either given that blueprint or another chance to do so, that'd be great.  >.>


Ignore me.  I did the wrong alert.  *facepalm hardcore*


But I would still like the above thing looked at.  It's a legit issue that I've had problems with before.

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