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Nekros Shadows Of The Dead Bug(Power In Use)


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I'm not entirely sure of what triggers it but it usually happens to me in every mission it says Power is in use whereas its not really in use and theres no shadows of the dead present also it's been like that after a few use of Shadows of the Dead until the end of the mission. Can't seem to recast it but the other skills are fine.




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It seems linked to another bug, if you walk away from your puppets they're still there if you return much later, I assume if you're too far away they don't despawn, they freeze, I think regular mobs do this as well.


Even if they vanish after you loiter near them you still can't re-use SotD.


I just had it happen on grineer mobile defense, spawned some near the end of defending first terminal, switched to second, couldn't use SotD again after that, before I we triggered pod I checked first terminal, sure enough, 2 of them there, they vanished after a while and I defended pod, still couldn't use it.


Hmm the ones that survive seems to be elite lancers all... The others die after a while but the elite lancers don't.

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