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Im just catching up on livestream 12 and 13 and one thing that seems big atm (i know its obvious but i havnt been on in a month so humor me) is that players are board.


One thing that led me to stop playing (becasue it was getting sameish) was that people didnt work together and the levels where too hectic.

Yes its fun to blat 500 infested solo while your party try and keep up but we are ninja cells, are we not supposed to work together?

For me, the simple solution is to add in staggered objectives in a mission, similer to UT assault mode, it would keep players localized and stop rushers at the same time aswell as make it interesting :)

As well as this, its seems odd to me that the Grineer and Corpus dont use tactics (or advanced ones anyway), they dont set up barracades or anything like that which would again help to slow people down and force co-operation (it may even give trinity a job lol)


well thats just my take on things atm :)

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