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I just got some keys for it now and some questions too:


1º) What's the level of enemies in those missions?

2º) Are the enemies just infested or there is another factions? Should I take only serrated blade weapons?

3º) How can I get golem navs, loot like the regular navs, end of mission reward or as drop of enemies?

4º) Does these keys work work like the void keys(if you fail the mission the key isn't lost) or it's one time use only?



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1) The enemy levels are around 30-35. Defense and Survival lets them get higher, of course.

2) Mainly just infested, although Grineer and Corpus can invade the level halfway through (Happened with an Exterminate)

3) You pick them up same as the Nav Coordinates, through loot crates and containers.

4) These keys work like the void keys.

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