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Warframe Starts To Crash For Me After U10


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Me and my brother(Zer0) were playing the new Orokin derelict Missions (Exterminate) and we started to loot the hell out of the Mission but just when we got 5 Golem nav Coordinate, Warframe Crashed....

But the funny part is that if I remember correctly then the game hasn't crashed for me I think since closed beta, so I launched the game again and went to foundry and I saw that it didn't save my Golem nav's......

But i didn't care that much so my brother send me an invite to the same mission cuz he waited for me and later his Warframe crashed too and I was sent to the multiplayer screen and I saw that it didn't save again and it didn't save for my brother too...


I don't think this was an coincidence and I felt a need to report this to the forum and see if other people had the same problem today.




****Sorry for my bad english****

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