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Suggested Change To Volt.


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I have a suggestion to change around one of volts skills to make him a more over all viable warframe(because right now he is mostly used to fight corpus and thats it) The suggestion is to make his shield skill similar to the frosts snow globe but instead of it being attached to the ground it would in circle him like a bubble this would also require the shield to be a little more see through because its very hard to aim through his current shield. And another suggestion if the first was added is people would ask about the fact that other players could use his shield to do extra damage and what not. Well I figured that could still apply but now he is the shield so they just follow him this creates more mobility to the character which is currently centered around moving around but that skill makes him sit there unlike anything else I think its a great skill and makes the warframe a great sniper(opposed to the way he is mostly melee with his skill set that doesn't really fit his play style or how people use him currently because he dies to easily.) So with this change he would be a kind of ranged sniper tank which i think would really improve is over all gameplay and make him alot more useful to his party for example in killing raptor or taking down kril he can stay back and give really good covering fire and even if they target him it wont matter because he can move and his shield comes with him instead of being left there and mostly wasting the energy spent to make it.


That's just my two cents I really person hope you guys consider it because i really do like volt he was my first frame to 30 and I would love to be able to actually main him again thanks for your time.



(ps even his idle animation the new one he kind of makes a ball of electricity around himself so it would fit the lore because the things on his arms is where the electricity is coming from right?)

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