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Need To Update Again After Finished Updating


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I dont really know which category this bug/ problem falls in so sorry if its in the wrong place.

I recently decided to start playing Warframe again as I stopped a couple months ago and so I started it and it starter updating. As I hadnt touched the game for a while, the update was 1981MB. After it finished, a problem persisted where after a couple of minutes, the game would crash with a message that the evolution engine had stopped working. I searched up the problem and found a suggestion to validate the local files through steam. I did so, and when I tried to start the game up again, it had to update again and the size of the update is like 2.3 GB.

I'm currently waiting for the game to finish updating AGAIN to see what develops, but could someone tell me if this is normal ? (obviously not tho, i would think)

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