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Hey guys !


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Hello fellow Tennos,

I first heard of Warframe when I started playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (I played a lot of it now and didn't even start the solo...). After getting a beta key and trying the game for a few hours, I finally bought my Hunter pack to gift some of my friends I play ME or other games with (hey, it's christmas after all !). I play mainly action (including FPS) and RPG games, so logically my favorite games are Hack'n'slashes like the old Diablo 2, Titan Quest, Torchlight 2, or the soon-to-be-released awesome F2P Path of Exile. In a few months I'll become a french army sub-officer, as an IT tech, but for now i'm just jobless so I have a lot of free time to spend playing games :)

Apart from gaming, I read a lot of SF or fantasy, and spend nearly all the time I'm awaken listening to music - electronika, metal, industrial, hip hop, rock, well anything that is good to me apart from pop !

I'm here to play this kickass game and help it go in the right direction with all of you.

Cheers, see you in game !

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