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Ash Blade Storm bug


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As Ash, while you're both not the host and without a melee weapon, using Teleport to join in on Blade Storm: 1. Makes it so you are locked into your current elevation. Attempting to jump or fall does nothing, and you are kept at your current height. You can change your set elevation using the terrain and Teleport. Sliding also never loses speed. Using Transference fixes this but does not fix the points outlined below. 2. Use of Blade Storm and aiming down sights is disabled until you die. Blade Storm is treated as being constantly active. If you use Transference to fix the effects mentioned in the first point, aim gliding still works but without actually aiming down sights.

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Update - some more oddities:
1. Using Transference to put yourself back on the ground disables all abilities and Transference once you return to your frame.
2. Using Transference to put yourself back on the ground, and attempting to aim-glide, gives you the reduced falling speed as normal, but does not ADS and does not count as an aim-glide for the purposes of Nightwave.

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