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Alaunt the Kubrow Trainer


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I don't have a back story but some ability ideas. 

Alaunt would be a faster, agile warframe with high accuracy and melee

Warframe comes with own personal kubrow named "Veantre"


1. Atac- Target an enemy for your kubrow to attack, or Opri- a target/pin with a life steal

2. Scut- Target an ally for your kubrow to protect and share shield.

3. Urlet- Command your kubrow to howl causing nearby enemies to become disoriented.

4. Devii Unul- You and your kubrow merge into one body dealing massive melee only damage while increasing speed and carnage. Melee damage based of combined Alaunt's and Veantre's stats

Passive: All Kubrows on team gain additional 7% health and armor stat boost.

Alaunt, employed as a guard against the wolf. https://alaunts.weebly.com/the-alaunt-veantre.html

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Sorta basic to be honest, but if you're just starting out with ideas it's understandable and I welcome you to the world of idea making. I hope you won't take offense, I mainly wish to try and give you inspirations or ideas from yourself and you are free to employ these or change them at your own leisure.

Perhaps rather than having the Kubrows abilities tied with the warframe's ability kit, make them be separate ability mods that it'll try to activate on its own like Khora's kavat being a moddable kavat but part of Khora (and not taking up an ability slot that's very unhelpful lmao). Perhaps even several like a pack of kubrows?

I kinda imagine a Kubrow trainer being like a melee summoner playstyle because like, Kubrows, y'know? Rough and strong but loyal, the opposite of the kavat's grace and trickery.

What if for the passive all your melee attacks passively have life steal and temporary damage + attack speed increase buff that's shared to your kubrow(s) and nearby allies?

And 1, how about summoning a pack of lesser and weaker kubrows but still powerful enough to be worthy of being a Warframe ability while having all kubrows howl to stun enemies around them?

2, maybe lets the Warframe do a powerful equivalent of the kubrows ramming attack that inflicts puncture/slash and pierce/bleeding status effects, while holding it down does the thing you have from 4?

Perhaps for 3, it'd be the Warframe itself unleashing a howl that empowers and emboldens allies or kubrows, increasing their attack speed, armor, and health while disorienting enemies in range

I hope these manage to help or inspire you in some form. (4 is missing because i ran out of ideas lol)

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On 2019-05-25 at 12:39 AM, Chewmaca said:

I appreciate the input, I know that it was kinda basic.The only time I was combining the kubrow and frame mods would be for the 4 ability. I like the idea of summoning multiple kubrows but I saw it in other peoples concepts and was trying to think of something different. Maybe combined concept of some or all could happen the frame would be the alpha to all the kubrow so a shared passive would be interesting also. I do like your 3 idea. I really like the concept of turning into a kubrow/frame hybrid and doing some melee rampaging though.There is also an idea of having the kubrow orokin based.


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