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Garuda Specter


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As it stands, Garuda specter is almost entirely useless and actively detrimental to her own life. 

Garuda, upon spawning, will immediately cast Bloodletting to reduce her HP to 50%. I can't attest to what this does for her "energy" as a specter, but I can say she will spam her 4 every minute or so. 

That would be useful if she didn't have pitiful shields and permanent <50% HP. If you use Vazarin on her, within the minute she will again use Bloodletting. 

I've noticed she will also never use Dread Mirror or Blood Altar, the latter being understandable as it would leave you trapped in missions where the last enemy needs to die. 

Garuda Specters need to cast Dread Mirror often, and drop casting bloodletting at all or else the specter has no uses other than holding the guns you put on it for 50% the duration of any other base specter. 

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The benifit of the specter being at 50% life is not to be ignored tho.

She DOES deal 50% more damage.

I think it makes sense for her to stay around 30%-50% hp.

It would be nice if she used her other abilities tho.

If blood altar had a low duration on her it wouldn't be too much of a problem i think and the heal would make her quite useful.

5-10 seconds could be ok for that.


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