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Extraction needs new Text


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Ever since solo extraction has came out, I feel like there has been nothing done to indicate which missions have independent extraction, other than the patch notes from their original release. I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but even now, I know some players that didn't even know independent extraction exists. I'm fairly sure the problem exists because the text that calls for extraction has not been changed. Currently, The text reads, "Get to Extraction" in a giant box at the top of your screen. This has been there ever since I started playing. Everybody knows which missions are capable of further rewards and which ones aren't.

The big issue comes from the text underneath the box. "Get to extraction. Players waiting for you x/4". This has not changed from the time independent extraction was released, which is causing a few problems.

  • 1) The fact that the text reads "Players waiting for you" doesn't give any implication that there is a possibility to stay behind.
  • 2) Because this text is not different from any other mission, it gives an assumption that just like any other game mode, you must extract as a team
  • 3) There is no way for newer players to learn about independent extraction other than another teammate telling them about it

I think that the idea of independent extraction was much needed, but it has been implemented fairly. A lot of my recent squads(in survival) are still running to extraction the moment the first person wants to leave. I'm pretty sure this problem just affect me. 

I'm not sure exactly what the new text should read, but I'd like anyone willing to post a suggestion. One of my most recent squad members suggested, "Players wanting to leave x/4". I still don't think this is a great answer because there's still a small feeling of everyone must extract in it.

Note: I don't think that this change must be for all missions, just the ones that have the ability for independent extraction.

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