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Unable to build archwing launcher, or replicate launcher segment blueprint

(XBOX)Frosty 4 Rock

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I originally posted this in players helping players to see if any other players had an issue with this, but I haven't found any help yet and it's been bugging me

To restate the problem in case you chose not to read the linked post, I cannot construct the archwing launcher, or replicate the blueprint for the launcher segment. I already finished research on it, got all of the materials to make it, I am currently past the required Mastery Rank (I'm at MR 9, the launcher needs MR 5 or higher), but the problem still stands with the fact that I can't make the launcher. In the foundry, when i go to select the blueprint, it reads "Archwing Launcher Segment Required" and it just doesn't let me begin the build. Additionally, I believe I built the segment already as I cannot find it in my foundry under any tab and I cannot replicate the blueprint from my dojo anymore. I feel like something happened in which the game cannot verify the status of an archwing launcher segment, or it does not know whether or not I installed one. If there is anything that can be done, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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