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Endless misions Crashing in rotation C rewards ?


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I woundt make a big deal of it if  it has happened to me only once,  but this is the third  time.

1_kuva survial 41 minutes got the axi relic,  the  host started to run to extraction the moment we put the last  kuva extractor  and  i stayed behind to guard it ,  then start to  run to extraction  but the host didnt waited,  so proceed to do a host migration ,  after a loading screen it  brought me back to my  orbiter wiht no rewards  and not even the affinity bonus,  tried to relog,  at the moment i log back in ,  i lost not only the  bonus affinity but allt he afinitty at all. 

2_ Relic survial  Mot ,  after  42 min  of  mission ,  last screen  plops  tio pick  up  the  prime part,  and its jsut a blck screen  with  the chat  and a weird  comand inthe midldle in white letters, "save 1" ,  ended up kicking everybody  form the survival  and nobody  got,  affinity,  prime parts nor  rewards and we lsot the relics. 

3_interception  jupiter ,  after  44 min  of neo relics,  when the last one  come to pick up rewards,  jsut blank screen,  no rewards, and againt he wird command int he midle of the screen,  nobody was able to choose anything,  then  it kicked us out,  results  screen  wiht 0 time,  0 rewards,  and agian  relics  lot,  this one was  little bit more trajic since i lost some  refined relics wiht no rewards at all. 


so i wonder,  is this  some kind  of  problem wiht endeless mission  rewards  after  40 min ? or is it a problem wiht the rotation  c  of the  reward? or jsut a nromals crahs and is that is the chase,  shall we never go futher than  20  min in any mission  to prevent this from happening ? 


jsut posting hopping the information  help  fix the problem. i know i wont get any reards nor relic back anyway. 

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